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Turtle Wax

Turtle Wax
Posted September 13 2007 05:18 PM by Lewisk 
Filed under: Miscellaneous, Custom Auto Body

Ice Turtle Wax

Ice..... Yea, It's Cool.

So not to long ago( well its actually been a few months, but hey who's counting?) I had recieved a box of the new Ice, by Turtle Wax. Turtle Wax is claming that Ice "is the only clear polish that wipes off in one easy step". So to test the theory I decided to go out side and get my hands dirty and wash up my ride. Which in this case happens to be a lifted chevy truck. I washed and dried my truck and it looked pretty good.

Its about time i break out the Ice and see what this stuffs really made of. I decide to try out the liquid polish. It seems pretty easy to use. I put it on, rub it off... all that good stuff and my truck looks great. I actually didnt have my camera handy. I left it at the office unfortunatly. It did come out great though and I definitely recommend this product! So go out there and get your cars clean with Ice bye Turtle Wax!


Actually I still have my box... Ill send it over your way and you can check it out. Ill try to get it to you next time im up there.

John Gilbert
John Gilbert

"So go out there and get your cars clean with Ice bye Turtle Wax!"Holy moly Lewis, you gotta get a little slicker than that. Talk about a blatant commercial suck-up. How about: "Hey little Shavers why don't you all go out and bye... no wait, by... not yet, wait... here we go, buy this slippery shiny goo because the fine folks at Turtle Wax sent me a case of it, and I feel obligated to them. So, do your 'ol unkie Lewis a big favor and be the first kids your block to tap mommy's wallet."By the way, I really Ice paste, do you think you could hook me up with some? I'll shill.John Gilbert, editorCustom Classic Trucks

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Custom Classic Trucks
Custom Classic Trucks