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Things You Will Never See On Here Again

Best Baked Potato Recipe
Posted June 16 2008 05:00 PM by John Gilbert 
Filed under: Editorials, Vintage Truck Talk

Okay, first I want to thank all of you folks that expressed enjoying a certain amount of comic relief by reading the blog on here about clam chowder and the different ways it can affect a celebrity consumer's metabolisim. Of course what this all means is there will only be discussion of classic trucks on here, and nothing about baked potato recipes  in the future.

Further more there will be no discussion of subjects like golf, or the really neat golf course that Tiger Woods built in Anaheim, California. What made me think of this was if I work out at my gym in Anaheim I sometimes drive past Tiger Woods golf facility on my way to work after I leave the gym. If I'm in one of my old trucks, or even in my '05 GMC the street that Tiger Wood's golf course is on is kind of bumpy, and it always brings out the worst in my truck's suspension. Instead of utilizing a real test track like the pros at Motor Trend, or Automobile do, I think I will conduct shock absorber testing on its's either Gilbert, or Magnolia street that runs past Tiger Wood's place. If any of you folks that have a particular brand of shock absorber tested, or a wheel and tire combination you would like to see me include feel free to offer suggestions. Just as note I would to Kelly Springfield tires, and R. Kelly have nothing in common. Not a little cousin. Okay, that's it for my blog on shock absorbers for classic trucks, please comment on here if have something to ask, or add. No Buick, or Oldsmobile automobiles were hurt in the writing of this blog. Custom Classic Trucks magazine is a leader in the green movement with a fleet of alternative fuel powered vehicles. There is one old truck that we have that just started to burn some oil, so we quit driving it. Maybe in the future we can involve some of the folks at Year One, or Gearstar Performance tranmissions, and turn it into a truck Tiger Woods would be glad to park next to his mom's Buick.

John Gilbert
John Gilbert

Thanks Smurf, I needed that. Yeah, a lot of my friends are golfers, guys that you wouldn't think would be into it. Myself, I don't forsee ever wearing a Lizard shirt, and playing "whack fu.k" but I sure do love Buick automobiles. I have two of 'em. A '93 Roadmaster wagon and a '69 Riviera.


Hey John! Ya need to call Ole' Tiger and hit him up for at least a free lunch, for the free publicity on this blog. By the way, did you know that the reason they invented the game of golf was really for ANGER MANAGEMENT, and so that old men could dress like, aw nevermind you know what I mean. Catch ya later.

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