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Energy Market Motorcycle Tank Commie Pinko
Posted July 24 2008 07:08 AM by John Gilbert 
Filed under: Classic Truck News, Auto Suspension

Prueba Requerida: Mexican radio, the TV screen turns green and it has nothing to do with cheap coffee pots sold at Mega Sprawl Mart. Make something... Rebuild the un-rebuildable.

Otto Suspension was a quiet lad, who could have ever guessed he would nut-up in the Wal-Mart parking lot? I'm leaving for Louisville, Kentucky next Wednesday for the NSRA Nats. I've never been there before, it should be pretty neat. My friend Bob Ryder from Truckin' is going too. Did any of you guys check out the Harley-Davidson ads on here? Too-hip huh? What's that one tagline on the Super Glides. "Like a guitar. Three chords. The truth oozes out of the spokes of life... or something like that. John Clinnard from the Ford Motor Company just called, and they want me to write ad copy for the re-introduction of the brand new 1956 F-100. Here we go: Unlike a Chinese coffee pot from Mega Sprawl-Mart. Three-gears, and the truth is found on an open highway to Barstow. Buy a new '56 F-100 and save the green whales. Naw, that one was too long. I'm gonna try it again, and then I'm jumping in my '05 GMC and heading to work. Oh, I lied about John Clinnard calling me. I met him once, hell of a nice guy. He;s not crazy though. Can you guys imagine FoMoCo letting me write ad copy? It wouldn't be anything negative, I have a lot of respect for Ford, they are more aware of their products heritage than the folks at Generous Motors. Okay one last shot at winning the Ford ad contest and then I'm in my Jimmy with the great as-mileage, and the cheap crappy K-Mart worksock upholstery. Don't buy new, boys and girls. Rebuild an old truck with new technology and win! Win what? can't tell I'd get fired. White Ford Bronco, Denver Broncos. 91 Freeway, slow-speed pursuit. Orange juice, where's my damn cup of orange juice, you spinelss commies in Chinese Buicks? Did I get the job?

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Custom Classic Trucks