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The Smart Car Evolved

The Next Generation of The Smart Car
Posted September 12 2008 11:07 AM by mpayne 
Filed under: Miscellaneous

The Ferrari Smart Car

Here is a great picture for a good laugh, the Ferrari Smart Car.

Nothing like other car companies jumping on the smart car ban wagon. Just kidding folks this is not real just in case you thought is was.


I can't wait wait until the truck verion of this comes out. If they make it in a flatbed, then I might have to start laughing. What were they thinking of???????


C'mon John! Ya let the cat out of the bag! That was their top secret. It runs on farts. The more beans ya eat before you have to go anywhere in it, the farther and faster you can go. I saw a car today that was about 2/3 the size of a VW, and thought to myself, I'd rather ride a bicycle in the rain than to be seen in that thing, in the darkest night. Man, was it Stuuuuupid looking.

John Gilbert
John Gilbert

It looks more like the Ferrari "Fart" car.

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Custom Classic Trucks
Custom Classic Trucks