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This Poor Truck

Classic Truck With Just Too Many Stickers
Posted June 25 2009 10:35 AM by mpayne 
Filed under: Miscellaneous

Classic Truck With To Many Photos

 After a hard days work of managing this site I went to the store to pickup a few things and I saw this truck in the parking lot my jaw just dropped.

Side View Of A Truck With To Many Stickers

 At first I couldn't believe that someone would take the time to put all these stickers on there truck instead of getting a paintjob, but then again I've seen worse. I think this is a Chevy Truck and you can correct me if I am wrong. I want to assume that it's a GM truck with that Cadillac emblem sticking out of the hood but I really don't know. Anyways where's the classic truck police when you need them.

Now give your honest opinion would you ever do this to a truck you owned?


its a 1967-68 Ranger 200 AKA 3/4 ton not even worth talking about


Yes, it's a Ford F-150 and it is proof that some people have no limits to being ridiculous. They'd do anything to be laughed at...


That's what I was thinking too but I didn't want to shoot my self in the foot by calling it a Chevy.


I agree it's a ford and probably deserved those stickers. Would never do anything like that to my 52 chevy.

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Custom Classic Trucks
Custom Classic Trucks