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Bureau of Land Management: A History of 60 years of Inaction

Saving the Salt: Part 3
Posted September 23 2011 12:16 PM by h3nry 
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The Bureau of Land Management would have you believe that they "own" the Bonneville Salt Flats and we are allowed through their largess to "use" it.  Actually, the BSF belongs to the people and the BLM exists only to preserve and protect it.  Well, what has it done?  Nothing.

For its 65 year life, it has had a mission of preserving and protecting the lands under it jurisdiction.  How has it done this?  In the case of the BSF, it has conducted enough studies to cover the entire area with paper.  What else?  Nothing!  The Bonneville Salt Flats have gone from 90,000 to 30,000 acres to even less today.  It used to be 6 feet thick.  Now it is measured in inches.  This is pretty alarming!  What has the BLM done?  Nothing.

This cannot continue.  The BLM must make amends for its total failure to protect the BSF.  They must use funds they collect from users to find salt and return it to the BSF.  It must be brought back to historic size and quality.

If it were not for private enterprise, the BSF would be in more serious jeopardy.  Intrepid Potash has stepped up where the government has failed.  They have proposed that they return as much or more salt than has been removed.  This is important in leading the way forward.

    We applaud Intrepid for their action and encourage them to continue to work with Save the Salt in efforts to restore the BSF.  Intrepid has done the right thing.  Will the BLM follow their lead?

We are contacting every member of Congress to inform them of the state of the Bonneville Salt Flats and we hope you will as well.  Our congressional representatives must hear of the value of this national landmark and its demise under the jurisdiction of the BLM.  They must be told that it is critical that the BLM engage in aggressive efforts to restore the BSF.

You can find the people who represent you in the Congress by going to  Type in your zip code and click "submit it."  This will provide the information you need to e-mail or phone your representatives.  Do it today.

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