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Energy Market Motorcycle Tank Commie Pinko
Sticks N Stones Can Break Your Bones... Clones Posted July 24 2008 07:08 AM by John Gilbert

Prueba Requerida: Mexican radio, the TV screen turns green and it has nothing to do with cheap coffee pots sold at Mega Sprawl Mart. Make something... Rebuild the un-rebuildable.

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1971 Chevy K5 Blazer, 1951 GMC Truck, 1956 Ford F100
Long But Not Forgotten Articles Posted July 23 2008 05:40 PM by mpayne

I guess somethings just get lost and forgotten, but not these trucks. For some reason these three truck features never made it to the site. Thats no problem there here now, come check them out.

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Flex-Fuel S10 Update
Alternative Fool... Er, Uh, Fuel Posted July 15 2008 09:47 PM by John Gilbert

Alternative fuel, or fool? I don't think I mentioned this in my last blog, but my little '00 S10 with a 2.2 four-banger dynoed with 149 horsepower to the rear wheels on Nitrous. After I drove away from the dyno my "Check...

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Super Light Battery, Will It Help?
Specific Non Gravity Posted July 10 2008 03:56 PM by John Gilbert

It's not a knee-jerk response, but I have a side project going right now its a 2000 S-10 I bought eight years ago. The little bugger has a 2.2 4-banger with a Tremec 5-speed.

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California Hands-Free Cellphone Law As Of July 1
Hands-Free Driving Means Look Ma, No Hands! Posted July 1 2008 10:57 PM by John Gilbert

Today was the first day of California's Hands-Free cellphone law. While most people went out and bought a Bluetooth, I'm using the cheap headphone thing that came with my Blackberry... I call it a Bucktooth.

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Carburetor Versus EFI 350 Versus 305
Future Shock '88 Right On Time Posted July 1 2008 07:35 AM by John Gilbert

Only two-years later, and now its painfully obvious: In September of '06 when I titled the CCT cover story "Grilles Gone Wild" on my 1988 Chevy C1500 known as "Future Shock 88" there were some people that got it, and a...

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Future Shock '88 Longbed A Wrongbed?
A Full-Size That Gets Great Gas Mileage Posted June 30 2008 07:27 AM by John Gilbert

I'll get to the gas-mileage part; but Cool or Uncool is the question. Form follows function is the answer. Or is it, when the subject is longbed vs: shortbed?

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IRS Bad, Worse, Or Better?
A Little Something I Forgot About IRS Rearends Posted June 28 2008 04:43 PM by John Gilbert

Independent Rear Suspension is not a subject that is new to me, but I have to admit there's a few things about it that I had forgotten.

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New Guidelines For Reader's Rides
Too Many Editors In Chief Ruin The Pie Posted June 27 2008 03:02 AM by John Gilbert

Me thinks, someone was a victim of too-much potty training as a child: There's no chronological rhyme or reason to the order things appear on Custom Classic Trucks' Website. That said, totally disregard the uptight...

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Custom Painter Reunion
Happy Donut Rise Early Flatbed Chubby Posted June 25 2008 08:48 AM by John Gilbert

It's not quite as sleazy as it sounds, but I guess I proved that I'm not above sliding onto Street Rodder's Website and attempting to steal some traffic.

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Ford's New F-100 for 2009
It's Just A Rumor, But Wouldn't It Be Kinda Cool? Posted June 23 2008 05:17 PM by John Gilbert

After having some major disappointments with buying brand-new trucks, I think I might almost be a little excited about the new Ford F-100. Cheap materials with killer gas-mileage describes my '05 GMC Sierra...

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Ford Truck Show Big Extra Fun Sip
F-100 Western Nat's Wrap Up Posted June 22 2008 04:35 PM by John Gilbert

Its Sunday morning the day after the F-100 Western Nats were held at Featherly Park, and I got up at 4:30 AM to drive back out there and shoot two truck features. If this isn't a boring lead-in then what is?

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President Nixon Had A Ford
Happy Donut Buy You Now Posted June 22 2008 03:52 PM by John Gilbert

I grew up just over ther hill from where President Nixon was born in Whittier, Caifornia. As a kid growing up in the 50s and 60s it wasn't uncommon to spot Richard Millhouse Nixon driving his dad's 55 Ford pickup down...

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Custom Classic Thursday News
Here's The Haps For This Weekend Posted June 19 2008 04:57 PM by John Gilbert

Yikes, the heat is on! The first day of Summer is day after tomorrow, and So Cal is in the middle of a heatwave. Hey I'm not complaining just getting ready to hang out underneath a shady tree at the F-100 Western Nats at...

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June 19 2008 CCT Thursday News
The Thursday News Posted June 18 2008 10:10 PM by John Gilbert

Posting a weekly update on here every Thursday to share with Custom Classic Trucks' print and online readers what we are up to behind the scenes has been something I have wanted to do since 1964.

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